The Awakening of the "Extended Human Family"



Steven Jones is a modern-day ET Contact Experiencer: no longer the confused and powerless Abductee, but an empowered participator in the extraordinary events that remain such an important and profound part of his life. After nearly an unbelievable 50 years of ET contact he is now able to assist others like him to move through the barrier that restricts so many from understanding what Contact really is.

Through perfect recall and in great detail Steven will guide you through a landscape of contact events with several types of ET. From early Contact experiences seen through the innocent eyes of childhood to the young adult whose perspective of events was unavoidably influenced by the world he lived in, Steven will safely deliver you via a roller-coaster ride of experiences that ultimately inspired his adult years. Even die-hard skeptics will have a problem dismissing the details of so many of the experiences that Steven has been through.

As we all head towards 2012 with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation, Steven will share the knowledge that has been passed on to him by the ETs and explain how we might begin to re-evaluate our position as caring and responsible human beings, not only as residents of the planet Earth, but as universal citizens within the cosmos.

On this challenging journey of discovery we will begin to understand what the purpose of ET Contact has been, how we might consider responding to it and hopefully to identify who the ETs actually are. In doing so Steven will give you a glimpse into a point of view that goes beyond the usual belief systems about extraterrestrial reality, to give you valuable insight to make up your own mind about what this mystery actually means.

Steven Jones is both a convincing and credible speaker, and once you’ve heard him, you’ll be able to decide what part you want to play in the events that are now unfolding.

Steven’s book, An Invitation To The Dance – The Awakening of the Extended Human Family, will be available through and all good book sellers from January 2011.

Steven is extremely proud and fortunate to have a group of people from the UFO/ET community that he can call his friends and would be available to provide a testimonial with regards to his professional and personal character:

Leslie Kean (Author, investigative journalist and researcher)    

Budd Hopkins (The Intruders Foundation)    Bob Brown (Intn. UFO Cong.)

Mary Rodwell (Investigator and author)       Paola Harris (Intn. UFO Cong.)