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Financial Seminar With Stephen Summers $79

Dr. Stephen Summers is 58 yrs old and has been in private practice in Austin for over 32 years as a Chiropractor and Nutritionist.

He is not only astute in finances he is also a deeply committed student of higher consciousness and enlightenment.

He led the Austin Eckhart Tolle group for 6 years and did editing work on Michael Brown's book, "The Presence Process".  He facilitated the live satellite simulcast of Eckhart Tolle from the Omega Institute in New York and also led the Austin group participating in the Oprah special that highlighted Eckhart Tolle.  He has attended many retreats with Eckhart and even got to go to parties in Vancouver with Eckhart and his publisher.

Early in his career as a natural doctor he met a financial mentor who opened his eyes about mastering money and set him on his path for financial freedom.

Within a few years Dr. Summers had become financially free, meaning zero debt and enough passive income to support himself…..He has continued to work and care for patients out of choosing to serve rather than necessity

Over the last ten years his passion for financial matters has brought him in touch with more than one "circle of millionaires" and given him opportunity which few have, to learn and see things from their perspective. This has opened an even wider horizon of deeper understanding and inside info that allowed him to side-step any losses during the more recent two massive declines and actually makes higher profits during times when most were loosing money.

Dr. Summers emphasizes that this class is NOT about making money from nothing or a "get-rich-quick" plan and is surely not for those who DON'T have any savings. This class is about PRESERVING AND PROTECTING the nest egg that you already have.

 So if you have some savings put aside, and particularly if you have been watching those savings getting smaller and smaller and taken some losses lately, this class is a must for you.  It could mean a very different future ahead for you and your family.

How to best protect your savings and other assets during the wild and unprecedented times ahead.

Topics will include my opinions on: 

Whats really going on: sorting through the chaos and reading the important trends

 Whats coming up for the European Union and how it will affect the U. S.

Whats going to happen with the U. S. dollar.  Should I just be in CD's or money market funds? 

Boiling it down to basics, what are the two main types of investments?

Is it good to have money in stocks and bonds?  What about mutual funds, index funds, utilities, commodities, currencies? 

Am I stuck with my current IRA?  

What's all the hype I hear about Gold?  Is it crazy to invest in Gold now?  Isn't gold in a bubble that will soon pop?

Will we have Inflation or Deflation and what does that mean for me?

If I wanted to invest in precious metals, what’s the best way to do that?   Should I buy gold or silver?

 This class can and will be life changing and life saving for anyone who has some kind of nest egg and is blindly leaving it in the hands of their "financial advisor".