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The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

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Sharon's interview about her spiritual work and Mary Magdalene:  blogtalkradio.com/awakeninginaustin.

There is a new hungering to know more about the divine feminine force which has been eclipsed by Western, male-dominated religions.   What is the Divine Feminine?  It is the existence of a spiritual power and wisdom which is equal to, and balances, the traditional masculine portrayal of God--the female aspect of God, if you will.  In searching for the Goddess through literature, psychology, history and esoteric studies, we find clues to her hidden mysteries everywhere.  One such representation of the Divine Feminine is in the person whom we know as Mary Magdalene, who has been portrayed as both saint and sinner.  Who was Mary Magdalene and why are we so fascinated by her? 

Until recently, she was portrayed as a prostitute by the Church but ancient Gnostic gospels were discovered in the deserts of Egypt which give us a very different view of Mary Magdalene.  We are discovering that Mary Magdalene was a great spiritual teacher, a female apostle, and an early leader of the Christian movement.  There are accounts of her traveling to Western Europe after the crucifixion of Jesus, which have been passed down through oral tradition.  She has been associated with the Holy Grail, the Cathars of France, and the Templars.  There is even evidence that she was actually married to Jesus and gave birth to their daughter. 

Recent books (and movies), such as Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, have awaken and renewed an interest in knowing more about this enigmatic figure that the gospels in the standard Bible barely mention.  Those who study the Kabbalah and Gnosticism have claimed Mary Magdalene as their own—a high priestess and sort of divine human representation of the Goddess.  However, Mary Magdalene, is more than a Christian figure, she represents a powerful archetype within our collective consciousness that supersedes any religious association.  Mary Magdalene belongs to all of us and discovering her hidden mysteries brings us closer to understanding and touching the divine within all of us, both female and male.


Sharon Prince has been doing professional spiritual psychic readings since 1992.  She was born with a gift of awareness, which, through the years she has learned to develop.  She was first consciously aware that she had a gift when she started getting premonitions at the age of twelve.  As a teenager, she would pick up on information about people's personality characteristics and personal history after only five minutes of meeting them.  In her early twenties she started getting information about future events through insights and visions, but it wasn't until her early thirties that she realized that she was what people call a "reader." 

Sharon travels throughout the U.S. speaking, reading, and teaching classes on developing psychic awareness.  She reads for an international clientele and has recently expanded her spiritual mission to include work in Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia.  In the summer of 2010, she had the privilege of teaching for a week on the Island of Pasman (Croatian Adriatic Coast) for the Harmony Program, with three other international spiritual teachers and  has been invited to return again in summer of 2011.  In March of 2011, she will debut her work in England and anticipates expanding her work to Norway, Denmark, and Austria later in the year.

Drawing upon her background in psychology, Sharon is currently developing and adding new goddess workshops and classes to her curriculum.  Rebirth of the Goddess--Empowering the Divine Feminine Program will be a series of workshops designed to empower and enlighten women (and men).  Her Greek Goddess Archetype Workshop is powerful and life-changing!  In October 2010, she introduced a new class called The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene in Maribor, Slovenia, which she hopes to develop into a workshop.

Besides private readings, Sharon also offers past life regressions.  Sharon’s first book, John of Old, John of New, is about her friend John Davis, a spiritual speaker, teacher and healer, who recalls his lifetime as John, the Beloved Disciple.  She is currently working on her second book, The Gift of Knowing, in which she will share her own personal journey of spiritual awakening and how each person can find the divine within him- or herself.

Formerly an elementary education teacher, Sharon has a B.A. Psychology and a M.Ed. in Science Education.  She is a certified hypnotist and a licensed minister.

For more information about Sharon, please visit her website at:  http://www.sharonprince.net

Sharon Prince’s Process:

“I start with a brief meditation and invocation or prayer. Then I open myself up and let the guides and angels “speak” through me for my clients. The guides (as I call them collectively) usually start with a word or phrase, or sometimes a picture, which they then expound upon through intuitive thought impressions. I start speaking and the words just flow. I never know what I am going to say in advance, nor do I want my clients to give me their questions ahead of time. I want to be completely in the moment, receiving information as it comes. That way it can come forth purely. The guides will usually deliver a personal message to my clients about what is currently happening in their lives, what issues they are dealing with, how their circumstances are affecting them now. The guides may give my clients some advice or choices on how to handle a certain situation or problem, but they never tell them what they must do. After the initial message, I invite my clients to ask the guides any questions they may have. If my clients don’t have any particular questions, then the guides will continue to give them information about their spiritual purpose in this life. Often the guides, in their initial message, will address the very issues the person wanted to know about in the first place.

“The more open a client is the easier it is for me to access information for him or her. I suggest that a client meditate or say a prayer before the reading to ask that the lines of communication be opened with their guides and angels. This also puts the person in the right state of mind. I tell my clients that any prognosis that they may receive during a reading, which they do not like, they have the power to change it. Nothing is set in stone. Predictions are only based on the assumption that a person will continue on the same path without any major changes. I tell them that everything that is happening in their lives now is the result of choices that they have made up to this point. If they don't like what is happening, they can simply change what they are doing or thinking and that will change the future outcome. It's that simple. We all have free will to determine our own future and we can call on our guidance to help us through any situation. I believe each of us has the ability to receive our own divine guidance if we are open to receiving it.

“It is not my place to make decisions for others. My goal is to verify for others (even if it is at a subconscious level) what they already know within themselves to be true. In other words, the people I read for already know the answers to their own questions. I remind my clients that if there is something that is said during the course of a reading which does not feel right to them, to either ignore it or set it aside to come back to later. Sometimes, as an individual’s perception changes, he or she is better able to process information that was received in a reading.

“I believe God speaks to each one of us every day, and that there is such a thing as personal revelation. Whether we receive this personal knowledge for ourselves or we give a reader permission to access it for us, our angels and guides are working on our behalf to make sure we are aware of our divine gift. It is my belief that each of us is prepared, in our own ways, by our angel and spirit guides, to awaken to new levels of spiritual awareness, as we are ready for it.”