Living in mentalized illusions keeps “the monkey mind running our lives.

We spend our days busily multitasking, making “to do lists,

and taking uninspired actions to feel productive.

We frequently live the day on autopilot, automatically “doing”

while feeling an underlying dread. disappointment and depression.

Yes, when we meditate and go into stillness, we sometimes feel peaceful, enlivened, and even blissful.

Then life happens.  Poof!  We go back to feeling fragmented and challenged

in the chaos of our monkey mind.  “Is This All There Is?” the mind chatters.

The Practical Everyday Deliberate Practice of Infinite Possibilities.

How everything happens FOR us rather than TO us.

What does it “feel like” to be connected with your divine self while brushing your teeth?

How to Go Out Of Your Mind without being Committed to a Mental Institution.

How To Be One of YOUR Greatest Admirers.

Who Are Our Soulmates?

Discover how Sacred Sexuality is SOUL Energy and how it operates Tiredlessly On Your Behalf.

Practical ways to shift into your divine internal truth in this moment

Are you willing to “decide”, “decree”, “choose”

to attend and fully participate and shift into the Lightness of Being?

Karenbeth Glunz is an author, a spiritual teacher, an energy expert and an evocateur for making major shifts in one’s life.  In 1982, she experienced a spiritual awakening and was unwittingly inspired to give up cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, and drugs. Almost immediately, she manifested debilitating migraines, asthma, and herniated disks to where she was unable to stand or walk for any length of time.  Simultaneously, she was guided to begin an intensive study of science and spirituality. As she shifted beliefs, automatic patterns and programs, her health and life experience shifted as well. Knowing that “it is an inside job”, Karenbeth’s gift is translating spiritual beliefs into practical, everyday practices that align us with our divine lightness of being.

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