Jodi Roberts makes her debut at "The House of Light"

 Jodi Roberts is a sound healing catalyst, transformational coach, ceremonial concert musician, and recording artist using the sound of Tibetan bowls, temple bells, and Chinese gongs to weave meditative, ceremonial musical experiences.  She combines the sound healing with coaching derived from years of indigenous healing and sacred studies training. She has 20 years of experience and training in mindfulness and meditation techniques for stress reduction, energy healing, transformational healing, and psychodrama techniques, accountability training and trauma recovery training. She was the first sound healing/meditation specialist for the military at Ft. Hood Army Warrior Combat Stress RESET Program in Killeen TX.

Please come join Jodi with her Tibetan Bowls and Heart Gongs in concert for a delightful evening of  healing sound music.

Event cost: $25   ~ Thank You