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 Jeff Klein is the founder of the Health and Wellness Center, LLC in Westminster, Colorado and the Director of Operations & Business Manager for the Institute of Transformational Studies. The mission of ITS is to empower individuals to transform their lives and manifest their unrealized potential. Jeff is a certified Neshamah Healing practitioner and conducts crystal singing bowl concerts utilizing the alchemy series of crystal singing bowls. Jeff’s current work in the healing arts precedes 25 years in management and engineering on programs such as the F-15, F-18, F-117, OH58-D and B1Bomber and AH64 Helicopter.

Jeff has seen hundreds of people receive amazing results from Neshamah Healing, not just physical issues being healed but mental and emotional as well. These experiences have touched him at a very deep level. Having an intimate knowing what this can do, he is passionate about bringing Neshamah Healing to the world. He is here to be of service and is taking all of his passion and drive previously used to found the Health & Wellness Center along with the focus of his previous career in Engineering and Operations Management for fortune 500 companies and applying that drive and knowledge to assisting to create miracles for all his clients. This deep healing is new to the world and it is his honor to be a part of sharing this gift with a wider audience.

  Note: Because I've seen miracles happen . . . hundreds of miracles:  mental, emotional, and physical.   How can I not do this work? This deep healing is new to the world and it is my honor to be a part of sharing this gift with a wider audience. 

My journey on this path of light consciousness began in 1995 when I began studying with a Chi Kung Master with lineage to the Shaolin Temple. In conjunction with this work I met family (unknown at that time) with Grandpa Foolscrow (Ogalala Lakota). Upon attending 2 Sundance’s in South Dakota I came upon my real name/lineage of “Comes Out Holy” Lakota medicine man from a past life.

“Gifts” are earned as experiences are honed over many, many lifetimes. Mine is healing, on numerous levels. It is not often one can directly identify with and have direct proof of such a life time where one is known as, “Comes Out Holy” Lakota medicine man, but I have a picture that will verify this life time.

The alchemy crystal singing bowls I use in my bowl concerts were originally owned by the first woman in over 5000 years to receive the honor of Mahamandaleshwar, which was given to her by a prestigious group of gurus and swamis (spiritual leaders) in India. Mahamandaleshwar and her monks played these bowls for years and their Shakti is in them. What some consider miracles occur regularly at every bowl concert!  ~Give yourself a gift and a blessings, experience these bowls~


Dear Jeff,  

I just wanted to thank you for the personal session.  It was sooo helpful to me. I took so much with me after the intensive.  But I was still not really convinced that "I" could also be of the Light. Fear made me hold back. You helped me overcome my hesitancy. You made me realize that I am the one who chooses to go forward.  I truly feel that you helped me remove the "blocks", release them and except the love, joy and peace of the LIGHT.  I am so grateful


What are Crystal Bowls? 

The Crystal Singing Bowls are made from the Purist Quartz Crystal on the Planet. The Alchemy Bowls are infused with gemstones, minerals, and precious metals to enhance the healing power of the bowls. When the bowls are chimed or played they Sing, sending out a harmonic vibration that extends 1/3 of a mile out.  

 Why do they affect our bodies?

We have a natural affinity to quartz because our bodies are composed of many crystalline substances. Our bones, blood, and DNA are crystal in nature. Our brains also have a liquid crystal colloidal structure. Even on a molecular level, our cells contain silica which balances our electromagnetic energies. 

How do they make us feel?

When the Bowls are played, the harmonic frequency wave penetrates the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Subtle Bodies, cleansing and purifying even on a DNA cellular level. The crystal harmonic sine waves bring us into a state of balance, vitality, relaxation and an overall sense of well=being.