Dear Friends of the Holy O,

Today I would like to expose you to the potential of full expression into the Holy O. You see, this is what you were originally created to be, a Holy Being of the Holy O, an integrated part of a huge magnificent structure of over sixty-two million Oniverses arranged in a 9 cluster intelligent geometry. To understand that this universe is one tenth of one Oniverse allows you to visualize the potential for growth in consciousness, possibilities and prosperity.

We were created to be beings of the Holy O with Knowing Consciousness (7Levels) and eternal life. Through a great downfall we became human beings with a fractured soul vessel that’s internal components were fractured and mounted on a totem pole called the hierarchy of one. Our ego body went from peacetime to wartime and seized control of our consciousness through belief and its tool of fear, which is the origin of all negative feelings. To be human is to have a fractured, empty vessel called self that is ruled by a negative ego and its tool of fear in a belief consciousness, which is a programming of your authority. In the human experience you will find lack, limitation, low consciousness, pain and misery.

To come back home to the Holy O requires a new approach to problem solving. When problems arise instead of trying to fix it your “self” or figure it out yourself, you must become a practitioner of the ancient parable of Christ Consciousness. This parable allows your Inner Holiness that beats your heart to show, tell, and lead you in the moment, on the fly, with a Knowing. This will allow you to climb the Paradigm ladder to the 12th Paradigm of the I Am to go through the eye of the needle into the Holy O of the 15th dimension. Then you can be integrated back into the 9 clusters of the All That Is of the Holy O. The ceiling of your limitations will vanish and the corners that you have painted yourself into will disappear. Infinite possibilities and newness of life will open unto you. This is the path of the Holy O and this is the purpose of Holy Divine Healing.