Tuesday …7:30pm…Cristine Shaw is back with another Dancing Breath Class..$10


Christine’s class was such a Big Hit that everyone in attendance wanted her back as soon as possible, so please put this date on your calendar, For those who missed the first class, this is your opportunity to join us for some fun, relaxation and creative dance!......~Wear soft, loose comfortable clothing, socks, no shoes, bring a blanket or two to sit and lay on as they are more comfortable for this work than a yoga mat. Eat lightly an hour or more before class, if possible. Bring your own water bottle as it is important to stay hydrated!
Christine's future classes
   Christine will guide you through a joyful Sufi-inspired practice of moving Meditation, Sacred Breath, Sound and all-out Ecstatic Dance which will profoundly relax your entire being. From deep within this relaxed yet stimulating and inspiring place, one’s inner creativeness is born through movement, which is referred to as your “Inner Dance”

 Christine's focus is geared toward taking one's attention Inward, to access the mystical "Wisdom of the Body” and to enhance the Mind-Body-Spirit connection whereby there is created a greater awareness of the Movement of Energy  within the body and the chakras.
"In becoming One with the Timelessness of the Inner Body.......every cell Awakens and Rejoices”