Charles Matthew at the House of Light~

Experience and learn a deeper Heart Path Technique for connecting with anyone! A technique that leads you into deeper rapport, and protects all from the dangers of taking on the “stuff” of others.  This is the hidden key to the Pain Resolution Method, a methodology developed by Charles Matthew.  This “new” Heart Path Technique for connecting will be yours to experience and learn, along with demos of the Pain Resolution Method!

Have you connected with a client and felt “ucky” afterwards?  Do you desire to be more intuitive about going deeper to the root cause with a pain issue?  This deeper Heart Path Technique for connecting is the key to the Pain Resolution Method (PRM).  The PRM is the best of what Charles intuited and learned over 32 years of doing workshops and working with student clients.  Pain gone in minutes!  Come with your pain, physical and/or emotional, and observe for yourself.  There will be as many demos as time allows.

Sunday afternoon will be about answering a lot of questions and demonstrating the Pain Resolution Method while teaching the Heart Path Technique.  While teaching and demonstrating the Pain Resolution Method, many notice a significant reduction in their pains within seconds or minutes. After teaching you about the Heart Path Technique, you will have the opportunity to connect several times with others using this new way. The subtle differences and heightened intuitive awareness that you may experience will be discussed in detail; it is the small distinctions that make the difference. When demonstrating, code words will be used for the issue. The process can go much faster using code words, and privacy is protected for the student client. Over the years, success has been better using code words that are just sounds spelled out and repeated back using matching audio qualities. Better success being defined as going to the deeper root cause faster and with more permanent results. 

We’re introducing Charles Matthew, who will be returning December 8th and 9th to teach the Pain Resolution Method.  Charles is an intuitive who travels internationally teaching Energetics, and for the past ten years has been working mostly with private clients.  Very recently he has consciously discovered the “teachable” methodology of his intuitive knowing, with emphasis on the word “teachable.”  This “teachable” methodology was uncovered using the modeling of NLP, another technology Charles teaches.  Clients have significantly reduced pain or are completely free of extremely painful issues in minutes.  Before, such pain relief would take weeks or months if it was resolved at all.  You personally may experience (or at least observe) pain relief in minutes!

Charles Matthew is a Master Teacher and Intuitive.  Since 1981 he has been teaching energetic techniques that result in lasting, significant personal change.  He has amassed over 45,000 pounds of crystals that are overseen by Amantae the crystal skull.  Many refer to him as a Shaman, Earth Keeper, Mystic and Presence Healer.

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 Personal and Spiritual Fulfillment with Linguistic Crystalline Energetics  


BS  Electrical Engineering - UT Arlington – 1972

MBA Marketing - Southern Methodist University - 1978 

Founder, Owner of an electronic systems company - 10 years

ESCD (Electronic Service Center of Dallas)

Training and Certifications 

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a Trainer - 1991

NLP Master Practitioner – 1985

Time Line Therapy Master - 1991

Master Hypnotherapist - 1992

Reiki Master (touch healing) - 1985

Huna Master (Ancient Hawaiian Techniques) - 1989 

Significant Additional Training

Crystal Healing


Vibrational and Subtle Energetics

Sacred Geometry and Light Language

Sound, Toning, and Color Healing 

Additional Crystal and Vibrational Energy Experience

Steward and owner of 45,000# of crystals/minerals  - 1987

Steward and owner of an ancient crystal skull (Amantae) - 1997

Many seminars, workshops, and appearances, including television


Practical Ways for Achieving and Sustaining Outcomes (with Energetics

Stress Reduction and Personal Fulfillment (in the urban environment)

Teaching Others How I Do Healing (Linguistic Crystalline Energetics)

 Learn more, 37 pages of frequently asked questions, please click on link below: