Catherine  Ann Clemett**Author, Healer, Speaker** and

 Coming Again to the House of Light  

I’m so thrilled to announce the up and coming workshop with Catherine Ann Clemett. Please see detailed information below.Click this link for full workshop details and registration :

 Have you ever thought that your gifts, talents and wisdon are apart of a larger picture in which you have a crucial part in unfolding the divine feminine on the planet? Catherine Ann Clemett and her partner David Walden Walker, speak on the Magdalene Gateway and how you may already be apart of the gateway. They'll assist in your understanding as to how being apart of this gateway not only affects you personally, but assist your service to the planet through the feminine heart. 

 Topics Covered in Workshop

Understand creational energy working through the Divine Feminine lens

Discover your unique brilliance, your thread of the cosmic tapestry being woven at this time on earth by those of you who are awakening in service

Understand your role in disseminating the Christ (Divine Masculine) Magdalene (Divine Feminine) information seeded within you

Work with your Twin-Flame within for achieving Oneness

Learn how to set a powerful daily light field



Activate your personal Christ/Magdalene Grid

Remember who you are as a cosmic being and emissary of light

 Catherine Ann Clemett co-authored many books with Clair Heartsong listed below:
   The Magdalene Order, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalene’s, the Order of the Magdalene Consciousness, Understanding the Twin Flame Union/the Ascension of St. Germain & Portia, and others.

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus was channeled by Author, Clair Heartstone.

This workshop will be one like no other, one you don’t want to miss!

Come travel deep into the sacred chambers of your heart and connect to the divinity of your divine feminine and divine masculine. Awaken your third eye, experience the souls infinite journey as you connect to past lives & all that is!

Please come join us and have the experience of a life time~ RSVP appreciated, call 512-560-1498~

 The House of Light,  4111 Travis Country Circle  Austin, Texas 78735