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 Bridgette Bullington  from Beaumont, Texas 

bmindreadertoyou@aol.com/ 409-673-9727

  I am a Medical Intuitive Healer and have been doing readings and healing work for clients for more than 12 years.  I have the gift of being able to see energy and how it moves and interacts in our physical world.  I’ve had this gift of uninterrupted sight since I was a child. I am able to see Chakras, Auras, Spirits, Guides, Memories, the body inside out, and other energies.

I use a variety of techniques when I do healing work. Some of which include  communication with guides, spirits, higher consciousness, other beings, Emotional Genetic String Cleaning, and adjusting and repairing the physical body through the Etheric Energy field.  I not only see what is happening in and around my clients, but I also feel the emotions that are contributing to the issue.  By using all of these tools I help them to heal on all levels.  True healing has to happen in the physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, soul, light, and vibrational bodies  for a  transformation to occur.  When this shift takes place, new paths open before you.

 I also have taught a series of energy classes. These classes include Reading, Understanding, and Interpreting the Signals You Receive. This class is a study in how energy interacts with you on a daily basis.  Emotional Responses and Understanding the Big Picture teaches the participants how to stop overreactions and to disconnect from old energy patterns.

Zero Point Pulsar is Part Two of the Emotional Responses class.  It’s taking the lessons learned in that class and using them to change and manifest energy by creating a Zero Point Pulsar to instantly clear old energy and reset or rebuild energy on a new positive note. I’ve also taught classes on being Visual, Remote Viewing, Hearing Colors, Contacting Guides and Totems, etc. 

Readings and healing work can be done in person or from a distance:

1 hour reading and healing session $100

20 minute energetic enlightenments through vocal toning session $50

30 minute emotional genetic string cleaning $50

3 hours QHHT Past life regression with higher consciousness contact and healing $225 

Quote: Some of the workshops I have taught are Steps to Becoming More Visual in Meditation, Consciously Breathing, Getting to Know and Work with Your Totems, and Listening to Your Body Through Muscle Testing.