Bethany is a Reiki Master, a Cherokee medicine woman, trained in the ways of sacred ceremony, energy healing, stones, spirit guides, and totems and an Advanced Quantum Touch practitioner. She is a certified teacher of the Illuminated Mind Seminars. Bethany has studied with June D’Estelle, founder of the Alohem Center for Transformational Studies.

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The Illuminated Mind Seminars

“Our culture and tradition have closed us down. The Illuminated Mind Seminars open us up; opens the mind and the spirit.”  June D’Estelle

The Illuminated Mind Seminars are unique, accelerated courses focused upon transformation and change. Participants in the intensive workshops are conducted through a step-by-step process, which attunes them rapidly yet safely to higher states of consciousness.

The methods used are tested and proven, achieving in hours results that formerly required years of study. Each person is gently guided into discovering the immense power of his or her own intuitive, creative mind.

The focus of the three seminars is upon awakening the Higher Consciousness. However, since the steps to self-mastery include control of one’s own environment, the teachings encompass methods for attaining this goal. Training is simple and easily learned by participants, irrespective of former experience.

“Every step you take in opening your awareness or any expansion of your spiritual awareness in an initiation. Any and all of these initiations can affect your destiny.”  June D’Estelle

Mastering Intuition

This unique, accelerated workshop includes awakening intuition, reaching deep meditative levels at will, remote viewing, intuitive assessment and remote healing, the practice and processes of remote healers, introducing telepathy, utilizing pain relief, exploring mineral, plant and animal communication, increasing creativity and inspiration, enhancing self-direction, finding answers intuitively, using intuitive keys to studying, resolving problems through visualization, improving memory and sleep, managing stress control, relaxing mentally and physically, connecting with others energetically, meeting angelic and spiritual guides, tapping into higher guidance and more.

Upon completion of the Mastering Intuition Seminar you will have a solid foundation for subsequent consciousness studies.

Spiritual Empowerment

The Spiritual Empowerment Seminar has three main focuses: concentrating on clearing conditions that may hinder your inner growth, learning your special advanced skills, and opening to new unexplored dimensions of your being.

You will work from both the inner and outer dimensions, learning ways to create a healthy body and a supportive environment essential for optimum growth. You will meet new counselor-guides, learn intuitive techniques to assess and improve your own health, and will study the spiritual influences of color and sound. You will learn the processes to clear and uplift your emotions; to recognize and eliminate any negative emotions you may have. You will learn to free yourself from the ties of the past and to transform them into positive relationships. You will be shown how to perceive auras. You will be able to move forward and backward in time. You can then use this ability to retrieve information, to foresee future courses of action, and to redo the past. You will be introduced to a technique to use your mental powers to consciously alter your body form and functions. The seminar culminates in a beautiful ceremony in which you will meet your Higher Self.


The Transformation Seminar is a series of initiations to be experienced inwardly, instead of being exposed to the unknowing scrutiny of the rational mind. Insightful exercises will help you to clear blockages accrued in the past on many levels of your nature, bypassing years of therapy and enabling you to restructure your life to your own design.

You will connect to amazing Beings from higher domains and experience Oneness on multiple planes of manifestation. You will uncover your true talents while discovering what holds you back and how to clear these blockages. You will learn to see the results of various choices and make correct decisions. You will learn to view the events of your life from a vaster perspective. You will discover your mission and purpose.

Mastering Intuition and Spiritual Empowerment                        

     First Time Individual                     $225

      First Time Married Couple           $390

     Individual Repeat                            $50

     Married Couple Repeat                 $80


     First Time Individual                     $275

     First Time Married Couple            $450

     Individual Repeat                            $75

     Married Couple Repeat                 $125 


Mastering Intuition

This two day accelerated workshop focuses on awakening the intuitive mind through techniques that will awaken your inner

Power! Proven step-by-step experiential processes will rapidly attune you to higher states of consciousness.

Easily mastered techniques include:

  Awakening intuition

  Reaching deep meditative levels at will

  Remote viewing

  Intuitive assessment and remote viewing

  The practice and processes of remote healers

  Introducing telepathy

  Utilizing Pain Relief

  Exploring Mineral, Plant, and Animal communication

  Increasing creativity and inspiration

  Enhancing self direction

  Finding answers intuitively

  Using intuitive keys to studying

  Resolving problems through visualization

  Improving memory and sleep

  Managing stress control

  Relaxing mentally and physically

  Connecting with others energetically

  Meeting angelic and spiritual guides

  Tapping into higher guidance

           and more…

For many centuries the techniques offered here were found only in mystery schools. Now they can be found throughout our society. Over the centuries great Avatars brought special gifts to guide us.  Moses brought the law. Buddha brought wisdom. Jesus brought unconditional love.

Today we understand that self-awareness is important. We know we need to spend a few minutes throughout our day to monitor our thoughts and feelings because what we project is what we create.

When we take responsibility for our lives, then we have the power to make changes. When we blame others, we have given away our power and cannot make the changes we need.

We are all amazing creators. It’s time to create what we know to be possible for our highest and best good.


Akashic Readings

"The House of Light"    

The purpose of my readings is to bring a new perspective and understanding to your life; its purpose, experiences, choices and relationships.

Who are you? What is the bigger picture of you in creation’s movement? How does this relate to your past lives? In what way is your lifetime designed to create, sustain, or heal parts of you?

Every reading includes energy input from your teachers, mentors, guides, healers, totem animals, the Akashic Records, and your own aura/thought field. My field of energy merges with them as we come together in love and higher intention for your highest and best information. That is our purpose; to bring forth your truth with unconditional love and integrity for your healing, and personal growth.

The energy and words of the reading will feel familiar to you. This is because the vibration of creation’s sound is going very deep within to awaken your Self. Every listening of the recorded reading will awaken more realizations.

Ascension of consciousness is a process of going inward to expand and expanding to go inward. Body, mind, and spirit align into Oneness. The chakras shift to sustain the higher vibration. The reading will have aspects of this process in its vibration.

Every reading is personal to your energy field. Your questions are important and are being answered as you think of them. You are more than a name, a job, or a single lifetime.

The Akashic Realm is sensitive to any and all thoughts, words, and actions. It gathers it all, creating an eternal record of Everything. Bethany’s gift is exploring this Akashic Realm by using remote viewing. Her remote viewing skill allows her to read for people nationally and internationally by using only a first name and a list of questions.

Bethany’s reading involves not just remote viewing of the Akashic but she also works with your personal guides and reads the information contained in your aura. Her remote viewing of the Akashic, your guides, and your own aura provide information that flows together into a reading.

Bethany’s reading will assist you on your personal journey. It will give you insights, connections, and new perspectives of your life experiences. Each time you re-play the recorded reading, you will deepen your understanding of your life’s journey.

Currently Bethany is writing a book about her knowledge of the Akashic Realm and recording guided visual meditations for your personal Akashic experience. 

$125.00 - 60 minute recorded reading

Intro on The Akashic Records

To Be Announced~

The Akashic energy is part of Creation’s movement. The Akashic energy is sensitive to any and all thoughts, words, and actions.  It gathers it all, creating an eternal record of everything.  This energy is sensitive to you and how you can best interact with its energy. It wants to work with you on every level you can think of.

The Akashic realm is a real place that exists on a different level of vibration. I will share how I discovered this connection and learned to work with it. We will be entering this realm through guided meditation to meet different guides, loved ones, and Masters. And we will be exploring the famous library and working with your personal soul book.

During these guided meditations there will be moments of verification that this experience is real and not imagined.

Presentation Of Navapashanam The Super Tonic

To Be Announced~

Navapashanam is closely guarded secret of the ancient Ayurvedic and Siddha herbal medical sciences. It is believed to come from South India before 3,500 BC .

It is an alchemical combination of 4448 rare herbs and minerals concentrated into a stone-like material and infused with High Cosmic Energy.  The stone-like material is then fashioned into various shapes and sizes of beads, statues, and other power objects.

The Father of Navapashanam, Master Yogi and Mystic Sri Boganath has had a vision of future humans suffering from strange diseases. He has agreed to release Navapashanam to people for a period of time.

Navapashanam awakens the Self to transmute negative energy. Pouring water over Navapashanam charges the water with the high cosmic energy, a supreme awakening elixir. Drinking an ounce of the water will increase your creative and spiritual power and assist in healing your body, mind, and spirit.

A good friend of mine is studying with Sri Boganath and has received 108 beads of Navapashanam. He has been kind enough to make the Navapashanam elixir for me to share (using American water!).

I will be bringing Navapashanam water for anyone who is interested in drinking an ounce. And I will have small bottles of Navapashanam available for those who feel called to continue working with it. It is an interesting energy to work with when you are setting your highest intention for healing and spiritual awakening