Tender Heart, Strong in Spirit

Barbara Bellerieve-Hogue

Author of:

Angelic Encounters: Divine Intervention


For the past couple of months, Divine Intelligence, through Barbara’s Angels have spoken through her and to her of the importance of maintaining a tender teachable and reachable heart, while at the same time communicating truth and taking action with confidence and fearlessness.

 As humans, we often get conflicting messages within ourselves as to what is loving and why we should not speak the truth, as we know it.  That makes us untrue to ourselves and others.  This often creates a false sense of guilt, shame and/or blame.  Either upon ourselves or others. Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.”

 As Spiritual Beings, we are to be strong, fearless and know what is true for ourselves first and foremost. Only then can we be of assistance to another human.  Jesus said, “Physician Heal Thyself.”

***************************************************************************************Barbara Bellereive-Hogue

Mystic, Author, Speaker

Barbara is a gifted Mystic.  She has channeled messages from the Angelic Realm for over 30 years, using her intuitive and prophetic gifts.

Barbara offers several services, wherein your Angels and her Angels connect to give you clear, loving guidance on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical issues. They speak of business, personal and social events occurring now or in the future, that are important to bring greater clarity and understanding into your daily life.

Angel Talk Session:                 $75

In these sessions, you don’t ask questions. Barbara, your Angels and her Angels communicate what Divine Intelligence (GOD) knows is most important for your life in the present and future and communicate this knowledge.  Listen and be amazed

Life Coaching/Spiritual Mentoring:   2 hours -  $100

Everyone needs to talk the truth about their lives and hear the truth in return. In these sessions, you talk, Barbara listens to you and your Angels, then shares with you what they say is the bigger issues below the topics you speak of.

Past Life Profiles:       $75

Using a technique one of her Angels taught her, Barbara goes through time and space, seeing, feeling, smelling and hearing what a past life was and how it impacts your life now.  These sessions often help you to understand your present relationships: family, work, love, health, beliefs.

To schedule an appointment with Barbara, contact Michele, e-mail: micheleshouseoflight@gmail.com  Call or Text: 512-560-1498