*** Sacred Wisdom Teachings of Universal Masters ***  Every Tuesday Evening!

Studies Facilitated by Anyah Dishon Bruno

Co-Creating The Paradigm Shift In Alignment With The Universal Masters. Please join us as we unfold the  Ancient and Present Sacred Wisdom Teachings from the Universal Masters that are associated with the Ascension Of Humanity. 

Every Tuesday Evening starting at 7:30pm* Offering of $10.00 per week for Anyah's time*Anything above that would be greatly appreciated~"Thank You"

~ Creative tools will be offered during these studies to assist in keeping the balance as we enter New Levels of Sanctification! ~ 

"These Sacred Wisdom classes work with the Higher Language of the Office of Christ, The "Sonship" of the Holy Trinity of Trinities, through study, prayer and music. The Holy Trinity of Trinities we refer to is that of YHWH, Shekinah and Joshua Ain Soph, Father-Mother-Son Holy Trinity of the Limitless Light."

In order for us to work with the Office of Christ in the Higher Worlds, beyond this local universe, our "Turban" (Template above the head) is to be "sanctified" and clean so we can work with the 144 Ascended Masters of the Office of Christ during this day of graduation/ascension of humanity. The Turban is to remain clean in the midst of all we may expose our self to during our seeking for Higher Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge. In our journey for TRUTH, we can choose to use the Higher Language, in our study, music and prayer work.

These classes are to assist one to create the conditions to be empowered from the balanced Power from on High and directly connect with the Divine Presence. The day of intermediary assistance which enables our continued dependence on others for our own Divine connection, or keeps allowing other forces to block us from our connection to the Divine is past.  We can choose to become empowered by the Sanctified Balanced Power from on High and become responsible and accountable for our direct connection with our body, mind and spirit with the Divine Presence from the Throne of Thrones, the Holy Spirit, the Creator and The Son (The Christ.)

The newest project THE CHARIOT, Music by Anyah, Volume I and Volume II, is musical works with the Higher Language of Christ. It centers around the sacred teachings from II Kings of the Holy Scriptures/Scrolls about the Holy Robe/Garment of Elijah that he was to give to Elisha, the successor after Elijah.  Elijah was to leave this plane and Elisha requested Elijah leave him his garment.  Permission was granted to give him the robe. This robe after being given to Elisha was described as being split in two, thus we have Volume I and Volume II of the works of the CHARIOT. To reference Elijah is to explain that "Elijah" (My Balanced Power from on High is JAH-YHWH Ain Soph) is that of one of the Trinity of Moses, Jesus and Elijah and is one of the Three present at the time of Ascension of humanity.

In order to develop the Chariot/Merkaba of Elijah (Balance Power of JAH) we are to develop ways to discern the lessor powers, energies, and forces of limitations so that we can transcend human limitation and serve in the Higher Worlds freely. The use of the Higher Language of the Office of Christ opens the "Seven Eyes" that help us to communicate on seven spiritual levels for our own Higher discernment and Higher understanding through the day of graduation and Grand Purification (QUICKENING) that is upon us.

As is prayed with during class, we pray: Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts of the Limitless Light, Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth Ain Soph. We give thanks and gratitude to our Beloved Creator we refer to as YHWH Ain Soph and our Holy Trinity of Trinities, may we in joy and Love choose to do our part to assist in the peaceful graduation of humanity. 

Please come join us for this exciting unfoldment of Sacred Universal Teachings!

Minister Anyah Dishon BrunoCreate Sacred Space during  ~~  Accelerated Times of Change!

 Anyah Dishon Bruno...She has given presentations and performed live music with Sacred Wisdom Teachings for over 20 years in various  churches, missions, and organizations around the world, Enlightenment Centers, Buddhist communities, monasteries, many different spiritual and healing centers, half-way houses for those leaving the prison, and has given presentations to universities, public and private schools. Anyah has facilitated sacred wisdom group studies around the world as well as Houston and Austin, Texas.   Anyah supports organizations with sacred music that empowers Spiritual Growth!   Anyah has 8 music CD's with inspirational music in several sacred languages that include prayers, teachings and meditations. It also includes a spiritual educational booklet with visionary art.

She served as a columnist in a Wellness Magazine for positive life changes. She is fortunate to have been able to study with various Sacred Wisdom Scholars, Heberw Rabbis, Theravada Buddhist monks, American Indian Elders, Peruvian Healer Shamans, Chinese Chi Gong Masters, Hindu Sacred Wisdom Teachers and African priest healers. Anyah received certification as a healer practitioner through Life Bliss Foundation and also received her Yoga Instructors certification through Yoga Yoga of Austin, Texas and is an EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Anyah is also a Public Access TV producer in Austin who had a show called "A TIME TO LEARN" which featured people who contributed in a positive way to uplift humanity.  She is a music  producer and performer of 21 years and also enjoys being a wife  and mother of two children.    ~~~  Please join us as we discover the Pillars of Ancient Futures that assist us to move with balance and harmony through the new paradigm changes here and now!