"Everyone here on Earth is on their own Private Spiritual Journey! Where it takes them is a matter of choice! We are all children of GOD, Perfect, Whole and Complete in every way! Once we open up to the Love and Light of God and Trust in HIS guidance, we will open into our giftedness." 

Michele's story~


As a small child, a young boy with dark curly hair and beautiful eyes came to visit me at night while sleeping. At first I thought I was dreaming, never mentioning it to my parents. When he came again, we telepathically spoke to one another; he asked me to take hold of his hand! Strangely enough I put my hand in his without fear, instantly feeling a comforting bond of trust between us. He cautioned me to look straight ahead, not down, or we would loose our balance while in the air. We flew over places that were foreign to me and as I wondered where I was and what I was looking at, he quickly respondedwiwth, "I brought you here to remember!"  As I looked at the stark beauty of the desert, pyramids, camels and other animals of the area, I felt a very strong, deep heart felt connection, which I  couldn't explain or understand at the time. Later on in my life that connection was revealed to me. Spirit works in such wonderous ways and when one is ready to open up and receive, the truth springs forth! 

Periodically other events happened to me in my childhood, some a little more unusual than others. On several occasions, I encountered visits from different energy beings that left me in a state of bewilderment! After a while, I realized that if I let go of the mind and tuned into my heart, the clearer things became! So I began to trust more, question less and except what was happening, knowing that eventually the truth would reveal itself!

Today having a better understanding and awareness of how the Universal Life Force Energies work in my life, the more open and trusting I am with everything that happens to me on a daily basis. Anyone having the desire to awaken to their own individualized Spiritual path, can do so. All that is needed is to have the willingness to learn how to tap into the higher frequencies of Mother Earth, take that step in Trust and follow the process through with an open heart!

So with that being said, my story continues! By this time I was in my late twenties, married with one child, working a full-time job while in the process of building a ranch-style home surrounded by tall trees covering a beautiful one and a half acre lot. This property was located in Watertown, Connecticut, conveniently situated across the street from a picturesque horse farm in a beautiful rural area in the hill country. Just 2 miles down the street was a lush fruit and vegetable farm, plus a bee farm that produced the best honey I've ever had. I was truly blessed to have this wonderful space to raise a family and commune with nature.

Beginning again slowly down my spiritual path, I ventured out and met some individuals who were pioneers in the field of Crystal Healing. I encountered an unusual experience while lying down on a healing bed where clear quartz crystals were placed under the bed in alignment with all of my chakras. I was surprised and intrigued with the amazing waves of energy that went pulsing through my body. I saw myself floating out into the universe feeling very free, yet calm and at peace with All That Is. It was an amazing experience which peaked my interest and curiosity. From that point on I knew I had to learn all about crystals and how the energy of crystals affected the body.

Years later, after relocating to beautiful Austin, Texas, I asked for God's help in connecting me to like minded people that were seeking spiritual enlightenment. Soon I heard about a workshop at the Austin Attitudinal Healing Center where I learned “off the body energy work.” There I met a woman who belonged to a Spiritual Women’s Group in Lakeway, where I lived at the time. After meeting these amazing women, I knew in my heart that this was no accident.  These women were a blessing in my life and a gift from Spirit. They were open minded, intelligent and weren't afraid to share or express their truths. They were very instrumental in helping me broaden my views as I continued to explore the truth of life and my  purpose here on earth. 

Together we did a study facilitated by George Adair through a video/CD program. This study was about the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. I was intrigued as I found similarities of other religions in these teachings! To expand my knowledge further, I enrolled in a six-year Bible study. During these six years, I decided to pursue other avenues, one of which was a mind expanding weekend workshop called Avatar Resurfacing, which expanded and opened up the third dimensional mind.  In another workshop, I learned about Dr. Stones' healing techniques regarding the flow of the life force energy that forms a matrix or blueprint the body uses when healing itself. Fascinated with this concept, I furthered my search for other healing modalities to compare the differences  and their effect's on the body.

Before long Spirit moved me to journey to Egypt for a 17 day spiritual adventure with 16 other people. While there, we took part in several spiritual initiations; by far 9/9/99, had the most impact. This took place on Mount Sinai at sunrise and was the celebration of the planetary embodiment of the Divine Feminine Energy. The 9-9 of 99 stood for the sacred mathmatical vibration for the completion of the Old World Order and the birth of the Collective Humanitarian, the paradox of the realized Selfless Self!

My life was forever changed from that trip. My third eye and heart chakra was wide open. I saw things and experienced energies beyond anything I could have imagined. This is when I truly KNEW that we are ALL connected to ONE DIVINE SOURCE. The Universal Life Force Energy of GOD, the creator of All that is, was and ever shall be! 

I wanted to learn more about this Divine Energy. How and why we are still connected to past lives and how that connection influences and moves us in our present life. Haven't you all asked these questions? What is life all about? Why are we here? When we die, where do we go? What happens to our soul, etc? I was determined to find the answers to these questions and my true connection to God.

With all this going on in my head, I was working Real Estate not only to put my daughters through college, but to help fund my trips and continue my studies.  Several years after my trip to Egypt, I heard about a Mystery School that was a self-sufficient, self-contained community set in the hills north of Turin, Italy. There in Damanhur, I was exposed to community living on a very high level. The people living in this contained community were smart intelligent individuals who spoke multiple languages, had highly developed skills and taught the arts: writing, sculpting, music, painting etc. They designed and spun yarn for their clothing, created new fabric colors and were artistic with silk screen design. They grew their own fruits, vegetables, made cheese and butter from cows and goats they raised. They also developed a Time Machine for travel, built a Healing Chamber, and manually dug out the side of a mountain to build an underground temple. While there I was exposed to and experienced the healing techniques of the LaHo-Chi energy and spent 2 days in a Dream workshop. These people came from all over the world to live, work and learn from one another in the safety of the loving God-centered community that they created. Along with the trusting fellowship they had with one another, they worked daily to create that desired connection of Whole-ness with their Creator.

Throughout the years, I continued my studies and joined several different study groups to further my Spiritual growth and knowledge. These included: The Inner Light Ministries/Meditation Group with Jim Gordon; The Book Study of the Keys of Enoch® by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, facilitated by Kim Converse and Anyan Dishon; and The Unveiled Mysteries and Adventures of Saint Germain and the Violet Flame with the Summit Light House group.

And within all these teachings, the message was consistantly the same! We hold the Divine Spark of God within us, which is Love! God created us out of Love, to be Love, and to give Love to one another! Truly, Love is All there Is~


It was my strong desire to share my interests with others, so I opened my home to healers, teachers and hosted many workshops. Among them were: The Flower of Life taught by Susan Moore, Sacred Divine Geometry, taught by Mary Anne Frashser/Gates of Light Foundation and Soul Talk Method, taught by LaRue Eppler. Adding to the list was Barbara Hogue with Angel Talk; JoAnn Parks, the keeper of “Max the Crystal Skull” Peggy Black, a Sacred Sound Salutarist. And of course, Dr. Dan Mathews, who I’ve had the honor and privilege of hosting for the past 14+ years now! He is a Spiritual Teacher and Healer who works with your Indwelling GOD Presence using Sacred Geometry Equations. He is one of the most sincere and humble individuals that I have ever met in the spiritual community.

My most recent quest to seek truth and guidance from Spirit was a few years back when I was going through a very difficult time in my marriage. I went to India for a 21 day silent retreat. The outcome was unexpected and again changed the course of my life!  Interestingly enough, Spirit opened my eyes to the truth about energy and its diverse effects on the body. 

Having the strong desire to work with people using energy for healing, I was led to the study of Jin Shin Jyutsu. My personal experience with this energy was so profound that I knew this was for me! For through Jin Shin Jyutsu, I finally found the spiritual connection to the Creator that I had so desired, for so long!  This energy comes directly through me from the Highest, Purest most Divine Light Energy source ofAll that Is!             

It has been several years now since I became a Certified Practitioner in the Healing Arts of Jin Shin Jyutsu and now work in the comfortable, safe space and sacred environment of my home.

In the beginning of 2009, it was brought to my attention of yet another healing modality that I felt might benefit others.  Combining this energy with Jin Shin Jyutsu seemed suitable. So I engaged in the course study of Matrix Energetics and am currently working towards my certification in that field. Matrix Energetics is the Art and Science of Transformation and applies the principles of quantum physics which is a unique and effective approach to healing.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule your private healing session, or to book your private event here at the "House of Light." I am available for all your healing needs. Please call me at 512-358-6035 in Austin or e-mail me at micheleshouseoflight@gmail.com

Many Blessings to All,

With Love and Light~