"Life is Full of Infinite Possibilities * Honor and Trust in the outcome!"

Light Body Infusion was created as a powerful way to bring Spiritual Healing Energy to those who desire total and complete well-being. Being Perfect, Whole and Complete is our natural Divine state of being, and healing Light energy is brought in to assist in allowing this state of Perfection to actually exist. 

The House of Light hosts a variety of Spiritual workshops, healing classes, lectures, and other events in a safe and sacred environment that's filled with peace and tranquility. As you open up to the many facets of your Spirituality, you'll be surrounded by Expansive Loving Healing Energies and Light! You will leave knowing that you've gained a much deeper understanding, wisdom, truth, and knowledge, of who you truly are and why you're here on this planet. 

If you are interested in holding a workshop, lecture, etc. at the House of Light, or to book a private Jin Shin Jyutsu healing session with Michele, please Call or Text 512-560-1498 in Austin or e-mail: micheleshouseoflight@gmail.com 

Early on in my teens, I had an inner knowing that we had the ability to heal our bodies naturally. Numerous times throughout the years I've proven this to be true.  I haven't been to a regular MD in about 30 years. Occasionally I went to a dermatologist and chiropractor, but I no longer need them. Eating healthy foods, drinking good water, taking supplements, and exercising, has kept me healthy and strong! You'll understand why by reading the list of healthy products below that I've been consuming and using since my thirties!

I have recently became a distributor of a new product called "Lavylites" This product is a pure natural Organic 100% Plant Based product developed in Hungry and won't be available in the US until the middle of 2019! It's called "Lavylites" If you are interested, please feel free to Call/Text with your questions at 512-560-1498! I'm also a distributor of products mentioned below: P/roduct B by Isagenix*the new cancer fighting and anti aging supplement~

Nikken*Purifying Water System and Therapeutic Healing Magnets for everything~

Genesis Pure*Nutritional Products~

Melaleuca*Great house-hold cleaning products,  toothpaste, soaps, etc. with teetree oil~

I continue to use all of these products for personal use, as well as for keeping a clean healthy environment in my home ~Thank You~